33% Saving of cabinet side panels
100% Factory assembly line reduction
  66% Less trucks on the road
100% Deliveries by only one person

Steen Sauer, the inventor of the No Tool System, has worked for more than 35 years in furniture design, involving every form of product, including exclusive interior design projects consisting of his own, ”one-off” designs. He has now, after much research achieved his goal to efficiently contribute to limiting the abuse of nature, in which we live and depend on.

He has whitout doubt created the worlds´ probably strongest and most flexible system that can be easily and quickly assembled without any form of work tool.

This system uses only one side-panel per cabinet and can therefore be delivered as flat pack. This means theoretically, that if all cupboard, shelving and kitchen unit manifactorers used this system worldwide, approximately timber for metres of cabinet panels would be saved annually. At the same time, a reduction of approximately 14.000.000 delivery trucks would be realized. Naturally, it is not realistic to achieve these figures, but together, we can go a long way.

As the system is cheaper than most production methods, and that every element is of the highest quality supplied by reputable manufacturers, it is not difficult to understand why all who have seen it, want to use it.